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Why a new publishing house?

Dear reader,

After the success of my first book (‘For the Love of Stress’) and because you told me that you had learned a lot of helpful things, I decided to continue writing scientific popularization books. However, when it came time to write a second book, I asked myself how I could ensure that the information in my book is scientifically validated and presented adequately.

It was very natural for me to ask myself this question because in science, when a researcher writes a scientific paper to present the results of an experiment, said article must be peer-reviewed to ensure that the content is scientifically valid. This peer review process is extremely rigorous and ensures that everything published in the scientific world is valid.

I felt the need to apply this peer-review model to my scientific popularization books because it is essential for me to offer you the best in science and with relevant and scientifically validated information. Therefore, I asked two of my scientific colleagues (who specialize in the research domain that my second book addresses) to review my manuscript and to be very severe about the research data that I summarize so that you can get access to the most relevant scientific information available.

Then, one day while walking my dog, I realized that I knew many scientific researchers who could write books that might interest you (depending on your own life experiences). Also, I realized that I could apply my scientific evaluation editorial model to these books written by my colleagues and thus, offer you very high-quality scientific popularization books.

In light of this, I founded the publishing house Éditions Va Savoir, whose mission is to publish scientific popularization books that have been evaluated and edited by scientific researchers who are experts on the topics. To learn the names and expertise of the scientific researchers who make up the Éditions Va Savoir scientific editorial committee, click here.

The books published by Éditions Va Savoir bear the rigour of scientific evaluation, but feature concepts that are presented in a way that allows everyone to understand (without getting a headache)! Éditions Va Savoir has one unique mission: allow you to read one of our books with a smile on your face, fill your mind with new knowledge about the human brain, and fuel you with the desire to talk about your new discoveries with the people you love.

Happy reading!
– Sonia Lupien

Sonia Lupien, Ph.D.
Editor, Éditions Va Savoir

Photo Sonia Lupien
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