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Each manuscript submitted to Éditions Va Savoir must meet the following criteria:

  1. Each manuscript submitted for publication must be written by a scientific researcher recognized by theirs peers for the excellence of their research or by a person with recognized experience (postdoctoral student, clinician-researcher, etc.) in the domain of research presented in the manuscript.
  2. The manuscript must be written in lay language and should clearly report new scientific data on the topic of the author’s manuscript. The authors should avoid complex scientific terms and should use concrete examples to describe the concepts discussed in the manuscript. The general public should be able to read and understand the text.
  3. When a manuscript is selected for potential publication, it is first submitted to two scientific researchers on the editorial committee who will ensure that the scientific results reported in the manuscript are relevant, well reported, and well interpreted. If none of the current members of the editorial committee have expertise in the subject matter, the author must propose the names of three scientific researchers to review the manuscript. These researchers must not have a conflict of interest with the author of the manuscript and must have not collaborated with the author in the last 5 years. These two researchers are mandated to evaluate the scientific relevance of the manuscript and assure the editor that what is summarized in the book (in terms of new scientific findings) is representative of the current state of knowledge.
  4. Only the manuscripts that pass the scientific editorial evaluation will then be edited for writing quality, quality of scientific popularization, and published by Éditions Va Savoir.
  5. Manuscripts should have 1.5 line spacing, in the font of the author’s choice, and submitted in PDF format to the editor at Manuscripts rejected at the editorial or scientific evaluation stage will be destroyed or returned to the author upon request. Manuscripts can also be sent via the form on this page.
  6. Please allow for a period of 3 months for the editor and scientific editorial committee to evaluate the manuscript.

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